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I have my life back thanks to them.
Rehab can be an emotional rollercoaster, however though I felt overwhelmed at times I knew that it would be worth it. Still, you will walk out of rehab knowing yourself significantly better than you did walking in. Everyone, from the office staff to the advisors, at Drug Rehab Olathe is just amazing.Think about all of the people in your life which have been affected by your drug abuse - you can earn back their belief in you and get your relationships back. I truthfully can’t say enough good things about Drug Rehab Olathe. I have my life back thanks to them.
, Olathe May 25, 2011

Fantastic and attentive aftercare program
I was using drugs for years before it began to affect me, and it actually destroyed all the things I loved - my family, my relationships, and even my job. Everything I cherished could be lost if I hadn’t made the decision to get clean. I selected Drug Rehab Olathe because it appeared comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their staff was also very experienced and knowledgeable, and every day is organized down to the hour. They provided everything from group therapy to 12-step meetings, and have a fantastic and attentive aftercare program that will help you through your recovery.
, Olathe Mar 13, 2012

Drug Rehab Olathe is extremely skilled and good
If you ask for help, getting into Drug Rehab Olathe is actually just a telephone call away since their employees will take care of just about all the things to get you into their program. I actually liked being able to live in a home, since it seemed more normal than living in some huge rehab facility with a hundred or more other people. There were ten of us, plus the staff, so you really got to know and trust everyone, which makes it less scary to open up. Drug Rehab Olathe is extremely skilled and good at what they do, so it’s in your best interest if you let them assist you.
, Olathe May 18, 2011

Drug Rehab Olathe has a really compassionate and educated staff.
Drug Rehab Olathe has a really compassionate and educated staff. Although group work was the part I hated the most, I eventually began to look forward to them. I didn’t want to share because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my behavior while I was using. The counselors pushed me, and I listened to the other's stories, and I finally realized that everyone was in a similar place as me, so I didn’t have to attempt to get sober by myself.
, Olathe Mar 3, 2011

Drug Rehab Olathe are there to assist you
When I wanted to clear my head and have a while to think, Drug Rehab Olathe got me in a healthier frame of mind. After several days of detox to ease my withdrawal symptoms, I began their three month program. This facility is chiefly for recovery, including understanding how you came to rehab and how one can live a clean and sober life. The staff and counselors at Drug Rehab Olathe are there to assist you, however you'll want to give in to their suggestions.
, Olathe Sep 18, 2011

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